Ministry of Health confirms “No Coronavirus case found in the Kingdom”

No Coronavirus case found
No Coronavirus case found

Ministry of Health confirms the “No Coronavirus case found in the Kingdom”. There has been no COVID 19 case found in any part of the Kingdom so far. The Government offices are taking extra special measures to keep the outbreak away from the country. More Details below.

No Coronavirus case found in the Kingdom

The statement was released last Thursday night via Saudi Press Agency (SPA). Ministry of Health Spokesman Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdulaali confirmed no coronavirus case found so far. He also mentioned that precautionary measures are in places and the ministry is regularly following up.

Al-Abdulaali said: “The Kingdom, through its health authorities and systems, is taking a slew of precautionary and preventive measures along with the collective efforts of several government bodies at the various transit points — land crossing points, airports and seaports — to prevent the entry of the virus.

Saudi Gazette, 2020

The Kingdom is using several highly-equipped and internationally-approved medical methods following the highest standards to identify virus carriers and those showing symptoms of infection during the virus’ incubation period.”

Saudi Gazette, 2020

This shows the Ministry of Health is still taking COVID 19 as a risk but trying to keep it away from citizens and people living in the Kingdom. There is a temporary ban on GCC Citizens as well to visit Makkah and Madinah. Hopefully, all of this will be resolved soon so everyone can go back to their normal daily life.

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