Makkah extra care for pilgrims to minimize the risk of Coronavirus

Makkah extra care
Makkah extra care

Makkah implements extra care for pilgrims to minimize the risk of Coronavirus. These extra steps will make sure that visitors can pray without any worry of deadly virus which has created chaos in the whole world. More details below on what steps have been put in place.

Makkah extra care for pilgrims to minimize the risk

The Saudi Press Agency mentioned on 2nd March 2020, Monday that Makkah is prepared to meet the challenges of the deadly COVID virus. The precautionary measures put in place include the following:

  • Spraying Floors, carpets, and surfaces.
  • Hand Sanitizers for everyone to use before the entrance of the Mosque.
  • Prayer areas with sanitizers in various places.
  • Continuous sterilization of the carpets and washing.

There is also an emergency washing carpets facility to make sure clean carpets are available. The bases of Zamzam coolers and any plastic glasses will also be changed regularly. All these changes were possible before as well but now extra care is integrated with regular cleaning facilities.

Other measures include closing the returning ventilation air estimated at 25 percent in the Second Saudi Expansion, to bring the total air allotted for cooling to 100 percent.

Saudi Gazette, 2020
Riyadh Xpress

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