Lunar Eclipse “Semi-Shadow” in Saudi Arabia today

Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse “Semi-Shadow” in Saudi Arabia today. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will witness, on Friday evening, a lunar eclipse of the “semi-shadow” type, which lasts 3 hours and 18 minutes. More details below.

Lunar Eclipse “Semi-Shadow” in Saudi Arabia today

The head of the Jeddah Astronomical Society, Majid Abu Zahira, stated that Saudi Arabia and the Arab world will witness eclipse today, Friday, 13 Shawwal 1441 – (5 June 2020). The second eclipse of the moon this year, which is a semi-shadow eclipse, and will last 3 hours and 18 minutes.

Abu Zahira explained that a semi-shadow eclipse occurs when the moon moves through the faded outer part of the earth’s shadow called (semi-shadow). And during this type of eclipse, the moon’s illumination will diminish slightly, but in total it will remain the entire disk illuminated by sunlight during the duration of the eclipse.

This eclipse occurs two days after the moon passes in the perigee, which is the closest point in its orbit from Earth, so its apparent size will appear 3.3% greater than the average.

Dr. Saad Al-Khathlan, Chairman of the Council of the Saudi Fiqh Association, stated that this eclipse is a near-shadow eclipse, and it is not considered an eclipse in the legal sense; Because he does not see with the naked eye, and accordingly, the Eclipse prayer is not prescribed in this case.

Source: Al Arabiya, 2020

Begins:  Fri, 5 Jun 2020, 20:45

Maximum:  Fri, 5 Jun 2020, 22:24 -0.41 Magnitude

Ends:  Sat, 6 Jun 2020, 00:04

Duration:  3 hours, 18 minutes

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