Kabsa VS Mandi – Difference and how people confuse them

Mandi VS Kabsa
Mandi VS Kabsa

Kabsa VS Mandi is the ultimate competition of very close but still different dishes. Many people confuse both and a lot of people can’t even tell the difference as both include Chicken or Lamb and another common main ingredient is Rice. So let’s look at what is the difference between them.

Kabsa VS Mandi – Difference and how people confuse them

So as we discussed above, Meat and Rice are the two main ingredients in both the dishes. So now you will be thinking where is the difference. The first main difference is in the way each of them is cooked. Mandi is cooked in a tandoor oven, the rice of Mandi is yellowish because of saffron spices in its recipe. However, Kabsa has brownish rice because of the meat broth containing tomato (paste) and chilies. Kabsa is cooked in layers but in the same pot on the stove. So the recipe and ingredients also change the taste of each dish.

The origins of Mandi came from Yemen, however, Kabsa is a traditional Saudi dish and also a national dish of Saudi Arabia. Both the dishes are served with either green salad or cucumber-yogurt salad or clear soup. Many places in Saudi Arabia offers Tomato and chilies sauce with it.

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