Bee’ah & Chinook Sciences Announce Region’s First Waste-to-Hydrogen Project

Chinook Sciences
Chinook Sciences

Bee’ah & Chinook Sciences Announce Region’s First Waste-to-Hydrogen Project

Waqar Naseem Wamiq, Riyadh. Building on its commitment to zero-waste cities and clean energy solutions, Bee’ah, the Middle East’s sustainability pioneer. Today announced that it will be pursuing plans for the region’s first waste-to-hydrogen project in the UAE. The project includes a green hydrogen generation plant and a hydrogen vehicle fuelling station, in collaboration with UK-based Chinook Sciences.

The Waste-to-Hydrogen project is an evolution of Bee’ah and Chinook Sciences’ $180 million waste gasification to energy project and addresses the increased market demand in the region for new sources of renewable energy such as green hydrogen.

Chinook Sciences Chairman and CEO

During a visit by Chinook Sciences Chairman and CEO, Dr. Rifat Chalabi, the evolution of the plans to a waste-to-hydrogen project was agreed upon during a signing ceremony in the presence of HE Salim Al Owais, Chairman of Bee’ah, and a delegation of senior officials from both entities. The project is envisioned to be the first of many such facilities, established through the long-standing collaboration between Bee’ah and Chinook Sciences.

With an innovative approach of having the waste-to-hydrogen plant adjacent to the fuelling station, this project will overcome the challenges of costly transportation of hydrogen. The fuelling station will use green hydrogen generated from the waste-to-hydrogen plant from non-recyclable plastic waste and waste wood. The green hydrogen will be fed into the fuelling station to power hydrogen vehicles.

Chairman of Bee’ah

HE Salim Bin Mohammed Al Owais, Chairman of Bee’ah, said: “Green hydrogen will be a vital pillar of our future energy landscape and Bee’ah has been looking into this market for some time now with Chinook in alignment with our long-term strategy to develop new, sustainable energy solutions. As a sustainability leader, Bee’ah is keen to further support the UAE in its hydrogen economy ambitions, energy diversification, and decarbonization efforts.”

Group CEO of Bee’ah

HE Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO of Bee’ah, which is operational in the UAE, KSA, and Egypt, said: “As a waste management leader in the Middle East, we are proud to pursue the first waste-to-hydrogen solution in the region. This project will showcase the potential of waste-to-hydrogen. Bee’ah has always recognized the value of energy recovery from waste and through this new project, we aim to support a circular economy across multiple fronts throughout the region.”

Chairman, and CEO of Chinook Sciences

Dr. Rifat Chalabi, Chairman, and CEO of Chinook Sciences, a leading industrial, renewable fuel, and environmental technology company, said: “We are very excited to use Chinook Sciences’ patented RODECS gasification and pyrolysis technology in the UAE, which breaks down hydrocarbons from waste through advanced thermal treatment to release and recover green hydrogen. When the green hydrogen is used in vehicles, it emits only water and no carbon emissions.”

Through the use of Chinook’s RODECS technology, the cost of green hydrogen from the plant shall be very competitive and has the potential to be equal to or even less than the cost of diesel and gasoline. At maximum production capacity, the plant shall be capable of fuelling 1,000 hydrogen-powered large vehicles per day,” added Dr. Chalabi.

Bee’ah has been operational in Saudi Arabia since 2020, utilizing its knowledge and expertise in waste management. Since October, Bee’ah has successfully commenced operations in Madinah City’s North, West and East regions through city cleaning and waste collection services, with the goal of making Madinah City the cleanest in the Middle East.

About Bee’ah

An innovation leader and a pioneering force for sustainable solutions in the Middle East, Bee’ah is a public-private partnership company that was founded in 2007. With ventures in industries ranging from Waste Management to Environmental Consulting, Renewable Energy, Technology, Sustainable Transportation, and Training & Development.

The Bee’ah is creating a better quality of life for all cities and communities in the region. Bee’ah has executed a comprehensive strategy focused on sustainability and digitalization, which has reaped rich benefits in the form of the region’s highest waste diversion rates, and the GCC’s first waste-to-energy plant.

Bee’ah has supported the region’s agenda for a circular economy and personifies the UAE’s ambitions in leading the dialogue surrounding sustainability in the MENA region. For more information, please visit: Click Here

About Chinook Sciences

Chinook Sciences was founded in the 1990s and headquartered in Nottingham UK. Chinook is an industrial technology company focusing on supporting the environmental, renewable energy, industrial gas, and metals recycling sectors.

It has been developing and enhancing its RODECS gasification and pyrolysis technology for over 23 years and has deployed this technology widely across the world and in numerous industrial and process sectors.

Currently, Chinook is focused on the manufacture of green hydrogen from a range of waste materials and also on the manufacturing of high-quality activated carbon, itself used in a wide range of air and water purification and cleaning applications.

Chinook offers a range of services including the engineering, design, construction, and operation of end-stage recycling energy-from-waste, fuel-from-waste, and waste-to-value plants globally.

Chinook Sciences

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