Award Ceremony at Pakistan International School, Al- Khobar

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WhatsApp Image 2020 08 17 at 7.51.49 PM

Sana Bashir, Al Khobar – An event was organized in the Malik Abbas Hussain Hall at Pakistan International School, Al- Khobar to celebrate the exceptional performance of the students of the school in the recent SSC and HSSC board exams.

Award Ceremony at Pakistan International School, Al- Khobar

The brilliant students who had excelled in the board exams were honored with prizes in acknowledgment of their hard work and accomplishments. The teachers and parents of these talented students were also invited and congratulated.

Covid-19 has kept the students all across the world away from the schools, and so was with the students of Pakistan International School, Al-Khobar. PISK, in order to give the students a sense of connectedness and belonging, gave them past academic year online education and kept them connected with the school. In order to strengthen the feelings of connectedness, and to encourage them in their accomplishments, and highlight their achievements in the board exams, the school held the academic excellence award ceremony and honored them with prizes.

It was a smart but graceful program of short duration and with limited audience. Necessary safety protocols were followed against spread of Covid-19.

This ceremony is a central point of the school calendar where academic excellence of students is celebrated and recognized.

Chief Guest of the occasion was Mr. Mahmood Latif, Community Welfare Attache, & Link Officer of the School. Other respectable guests were Mr. Abdul Rehman, Chairman, Board of Directors of the School, Mr. Rao Kamran Khan, and Mr. Salahuddin Khawaja, Members, Board of Directors. Dr. Shafiq ur Rehman, Vice Chairman of the Board attended the Program Online.

Mr. Fida Hussain, Assistant Vice Principal, of the Boys’ Wing of the School, opened and moderated the event. The program was started with recitation of Holy Quran followed by Naat-e-Rasool and an Anthem.

Principal, Mr. Ajmal Jamil, welcomed guests to the program. He spoke about the drive of the school under his headship for academic and administrative excellence. He referred to the school being a school of diversity, where broad and balanced education is imparted to the students and they are helped to fulfill their true potential.

In addition to giving excellent education to the students, the school has been arranging special lectures and seminars in the school aimed at developing the overall character and personality of the students, and exposing them to the information about various career paths in the fields of medical, engineering, pure sciences, commerce, etc.

Mr. Ajmal Jamil presented the statistics about the results of the school. This year again, SSC and HSSC results were impressive as being 100% and 98% respectively. The school occupies a unique position among all the leading Pakistani International Schools in the Kingdom in terms of quality and quantity of results. Besides focusing on the achievement of academic excellence, the school management pays much attention to the personality development of students by exposing them to co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Mr. Ajmal Jamil thanked for the substantial support that the has been receiving from the Embassy of Pakistan through Mr. Mahmood Latif, Link Officer, to deal with the school’s operational and other matters. He also thanked the professional and administrative support and guidance from the Board of Directors under the able leadership of Mr. Abdul Rehman (Chairman), Dr. Shafiq-ur-Rehman (Vice-Chairman) and other members of BOD.

It was then time to recognize those who had achieved academic excellence in the recent board exams in the subject areas of general science, commerce, humanities, pre-engineering and pre-medical. The winners were presented with shields. The Chief Guest, Mr. Mahmood Latif, and the Chairman, Board of Directors, Mr. Abdul Rahman, presented the awards and honored the outstanding success of the students.

Rao Kamran Khan addressed the students and advised them to work hard and excel in science, technology, engineering, medical and other disciplines of their choice. He said that they need to always remember that they are Muslims and they ought to keep their bond with their Creator strong and current. They should always behave in ways that are in conformity with Islamic principles.

They should never ignore performing religious activities specified by Islam and never become slaves of material things. They should be constant in paying attention to religious principles. He went on to advise the students to understand and regularly perform religious activities, always thinks of Allah’s pleasure, and follows teachings of Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which will help them have self-control and training against ways and things which are not Islamic.

Chairman, Board of Directors, Mr. Abdul Rahman gave the concluding address. In an excellent and thought provoking speech, he referred to the need for students to always strive for academic and professional excellence. He advised them not to be moderate about their achievements but to continue working hard to excel more and more. He went on to exhort the students that they need to work hard, push their limits and boundaries to excel in education and research, realize their personal goals, and bring positive change and development in our country and in the world at large. He advised students to: Learn, Earn and Return as they owe to the nation and the country for their investment in them, and they, after completing their education and achieving their personal and professional goals, need to return back to the country by using their potentials and abilities for the development and progress of the country and community and getting Pakistan a prominent place in the comity of nations. He advised the students to prepare themselves for taking on future challenges. He said the responsibilities rested with the youth to defend and shield the motherland against internal and external threats and maintain Islamic Ideology of Pakistan.

The Chief Guest gave an inspirational address recounting how he, as Link Officer, has been coordinating with the school in its drive to improve the quality of education at the school. His message to the students was to aim to continue their journey and achieve excellence in the modern areas of education and research and become able to contribute to the overall development of the country. He exhorted them to target well-ranked and splendid universities for admission, choose hot and current areas for education and research, and increase their resourcefulness and creativity to be able to serve Pakistan well.

The event concluded with some light refreshments.

The Principal thanked everyone who attended the event, and who helped make the event such a success.

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