About Us

Riyadh Xpress is the social media platform for the news & entertainment with over 221,000+ followers on social media & thousands of active users on the official website.


Riyadh Xpress was founded in 2016. With the rapid growth of the community page, the team was formed with the idea of creating the community page was to share the information, laugh together and provide useful tips to the people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our Vision

Riyadh Xpress page and website was created in order to communicate with the people around the world and spread awareness about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Most of the expats living in Saudi Arabia left their home country to make their life better in one of the fastest developing countries. The rich oil country has much more aspects which are yet to be disclosed & spread around the world.

Our Mission

We encourage everyone to approach us and we will do our best to share maximum information with you all.

Our Team

Co Founder

Salman Hamid is the co-founder and team leader of Riyadh Xpress.

Head of IT

Waqas Munir is the energetic Head of IT Department.

Our Editors

Chief Editor

Waqar Naseem Wamiq is Riyadh based senior journalist and the Chief Editor of Riyadh Xpress. Wamiq believes in balanced, independent and fair conversations on all matters.

Editor - Arabic

Ahmed Ibrahim is our very first and the senior arabic column editor.

Senior News Editor

Shahzeen Eram is a Senior Journalist and the Senior News Editor of Riyadh Xpress. She was Previously associated with Arab News (Saudi Arabia) and Hindustan Times (India).

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