‘Win 100SAR Everyday’ with Jollychic annoying people

win 100sar everyday xpress riyadh
win 100sar everyday xpress riyadh

Win 100SAR Everyday

Its been a week since everyone in social media spamming the ‘Win 100SAR Everyday’ with Jollychic campaign. It allows you to win1 100SAR by referring Jollychick to your friend.

Wait! It’s not that easy. People need to refer their friends, followers by sharing a link & convince them to install the app and then click the reference link to count in a referral counter.

The referral system allows 10 to 100 referrals every day to get 100SAR in a single day only. People get 100SAR with minimum of 10 referral and it goes until God knows.

People in the circle start sharing their link in WhatsApp, Facebook pages, Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, Instagram, Twitter, and so on.

The annoying part is when they don’t get the result they start spamming this everywhere even on the same channel. 100’s of messages from 100’s of individuals in a group of 100.

People just to win 100SAR annoying many people and group owners.

On the other hand this is the most amazing idea of marketing by Jollychic by attracting millions. People sharing and asking others to download the app and interact.

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