Meat Delivery Services opened for Ramadan – Amanat Al-Riyadh

Meat Delivery Services opened for Ramadan - Amanat Al-Riyadh

Meat Delivery Services opened for Ramadan by the Amanat Al-Riyadh. The Riyadh Municipality is taking an active role in providing many services. The service will be available to purchase, slaughter, and delivery of livestock to consumers. More Details below.

Meat Delivery Services opened for Ramadan – Amanat Al-Riyadh

Riyadh Municipality has opened Whatsapp service for ordering meat. The below numbers are available around the city, contact the branch near to your area:

  • Aziziyah – 0531931064
  • West of Riyadh – 0501291658
  • Almonsih – 0541466174
  • Sa’adah – 0530700734
  • North – 0554141640
  • Al-Marwa – 0551615812
  • Mutnlqah – 0530188973

The official details are below in case you are unable to contact from the above numbers.

Riyadh Xpress

Finally, follow Riyadh Xpress’s:

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