Father is Our Hero By Zahra wasim madki

Father is our Hero
Father is our Hero

Father is Our Hero

By: Zahra wasim madki

He is neither An anchor to hold us back nor a sailer to take us there but a guiding light whose love shows us the way. “FATHER our HERO”.

Father is Our Hero

Everyone talks about mother’s love her pain her sacrifice but no one talks about a person who is like a pillar to his family .who is the strength and armor to his family Who wears a blanket of hardship, sorrows, and Pain over him and his children in a shell covered with peace happiness and love.

He is the only friend upon whom we can rely in an hour of need We remember him only when in difficulty And he is the only one to soothe our sorrows Even when he is unable to assist us his mere presence servers us comfort and strength He is none other than our FATHER. He is the one who works Day and Night to fulfill all the comforts of his children.

He earns everything to spend on his children He is so caring that he holds you when you were small and you were about to fall from a sofa so that u are not hurt by its corner.

He never forgets that you were so fond of ice- creams, chocolate, and sweets. ….He always comes home keeping a smile on his face as if he has won his game…… He takes care of your health and tries to mold you into a beautiful human being He finds all his pride in his children He sacrifices his house, his car, his property, his bank balance and his precious 40 years of life just for the love of his children My word falls short to talk about all the love and sacrifices of a father

Father is Our Hero By Zahra wasim madki

Now comes a time when he needs to rest. Now is the time when he needs to find peace but unfortunately there are many children in our society who don’t realize the sacrifice of their father. They fail to realize that now it is high time for their father to take rest and that they are no longer as healthier as before.

They do not understand that even their fathers get a craving for sweets as they used to get in their childhood and these sweets are been replaced by medicine. Their bones have become week to sit on the hard sofa instead they need a soft one. What they only need is our love and care. My only question to all is When a father can take care of 3 children,

Why can’t children take care of a his father? Why They cant fulfil his needs? Y is there no one to ask you all a question WHY so?

And your father would never dare to express through his tongue but its his eyes that speak, it’s his eyes that tiered, its his hand which are shaking and needs ur support and it’s his heart which is made of gold.

In the end I would like to say that the best thing we can do for our fathers is to love them, appreciate and respect the man of wisdom who holds our heart forever B’coz its NEVER TOO LATE to realize his precious presence…….

Father is Our Hero

Today I Take an opportunity to wish my father and all the Fathers of the world “A VERY HAPPY FATHER’S DAY”
If I could write a story
It would be the greatest ever told
I’d write about my daddy
For he had a heart of gold
He never looks for praises
He’s never one to boast
He just goes on quietly
For those who love The most.

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