Delete these 30 apps today or lose money

Delete these 30 apps today or lose money
Delete these 30 apps today or lose money

According to Sophos Lab latest report, they have suggested to Delete these 30 apps today or lose money. Many users has been scammed from these apps and people are now out of pocket in different countries. If you have any of the below app, delete it from your iPhone. Here is the list.

Delete these 30 apps today or lose money

Scammers and criminals don’t want for anything. These 30 famous applications has been reported to be fleeceware. It is available on the IPhone or Apple app store. Once installed, it tries to scam you and take out money in the background. Also, the best practice is to never download such kind of apps which ask you for trial or put you account details. Unless these are recognised developers or publishers. So without any further delay, below is the list.

  • Seer App:Face, Horoscope, Palm
  • Selfie Art – Photo Editor
  • Palmistry Decoder
  • Lucky Life – Future Seer
  • Life Palmistry – AI Palm & Tag
  • Picsjoy-Cartoon Effect Editor
  • Aging seer – Faceapp,Horoscope
  • Face Aging Scan-AI Age Camera
  • Face Reader – Horoscope Secret
  • Horoscope Secret
  • CIAO – Live Video Chat
  • Astro Time & Daily Horoscope
  • Video Recorder / Reaction
  • Crazy Helium Funny Face Editor
  • Banuba: Face Filters & Effects
  • QR Code Reader – Scanner
  • QR Code Reader & Barcode PRO
  • Max Volume Booster
  • Face Reading – Horoscope 2020
  • Forecast Master 2019
  • mSpy Lite Phone Family Tracker
  • Fortunescope: Palm Reader 2019
  • Zodiac Master Plus – Palm Scan
  • WonderKey-Cartoon Avatar Maker
  • Avatar Creator – Cartoon Emoji
  • iMoji – Cartoon Avatar Emojis
  • Life Insight-Palm & Animal Face
  • Curiosity Lab-Fun Encyclopedia
  • Quick Art: 1-Tap Photo Editor
  • Astroline astrology, horoscope
  • Celeb Twin – Who you look like
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