Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia from Day 1 – Daily Cases, Recoveries and Mortalities

Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia from Day 1 - Daily Cases, Recoveries and Mortalities

Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia from Day 1 till 5th April 2020. Here are all the details you want to know about Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia. This article includes Daily Cases, Recoveries and Mortalities. See the details below.

Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia from Day 1 – Daily Cases, Recoveries and Mortalities

The First Graph below shows the number of Coronavirus or COVID19 cases in Saudi Arabia. The graph starts from 1st March 2020 with one case only. Until the mid of March, the number of cases daily was 1-4 only. But on 12th March, Saudi Arabia found 24 cases from travelers arrived in Saudi Arabia Internationally. Compare to other countries, the number of cases in Saudi Arabia are controlled due to the actions taken by the Kingdom of social distancing and curfew.

Number of Daily Cases in Saudi Arabia – Source: SAUDI MOH, 2020

The next graph below shows the number of recoveries in Saudi Arabia. As you can see the number of recoveries mainly started from mid of March. But the cases need proper care due to the uncertainty and absence of a vaccine. Many Countries are keeping the patients in care for between 9-14 days after confirmation of the virus. We are hopeful that the below number should increase as you can see it already started showing good numbers.

Coronavirus in Saudi from Day 1
Number of Recoveries – Source: SAUDI MOH, 2020

Every death is sad and humanity is working together to reduce the number of deaths due to the novel coronavirus. Saudi Arabia has not seen many mortalities until now but still, there was a small peak. Compare to other countries in Europe, these numbers are small but we should be extra careful as our actions can save lives.

Coronavirus in Saudi from Day 1
Mortality – Source: SAUDI MOH, 2020
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