Penalities on Ignoring Car Seats for Children in Saudi Arabia

children car seats
children car seats

Children Car Seats is not a famous topic in Saudi Arabia when it comes to safety and care. Many parents don’t buy car seats for their children and it can affect them badly. The Law has never been discussed before but due to a recent survey, it caught attention. Here is some more information which helps you in avoiding extra fines.

Following on from the new points system, Saudi Arabia will also adopt the car seat penalty. The Penalty varies between SAR 300 – SAR 500 because it depends on the penalty. The attention brought forward after a survey by Middle East Company called “INFINITI”. The Campaign for road safety and awareness titles as “Eyes on You”.

In an interview with Housewife Hadeel Radwan with Arab News. She emphasizes the importance of children’s safety. She mentioned that she follows regulations and always uses seatbelt for her children.

Hadeel said: “If my child trips, it’s OK because he or she will get back up and move on. But when accidents happen. Something I can’t control because as a parent I have an obligation to protect them to the best of my abilities.”
She added: “Parents should be prepared and briefed from the hospital on the day of delivery to provide these seats and boosters.” (Source: Arab News, 8 Jan 2020).

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