First Big fun to open in Riyadh at park avenue

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Russian entertainment giant Big Fun has forged a significant partnership with VEDA Real Estate to bring its premium entertainment center to the Middle East. The Park Avenue Shopping Center in Riyadh has been designated as the ideal location for this venture. Aziz Dzhabarov, the founder and president of Big Fun, and Abdulrahman Al-Juwaied, the CEO of VEDA Real Estate, officially signed the agreement. Dzhabarov explained that this strategic choice was the result of an extensive search for potential locations, with VEDA and Park Avenue emerging as the perfect setting for creating a family entertainment destination.

First Big fun to open in Riyadh at park avenue

The Park Avenue Shopping Center in Riyadh has been selected as the host for the collaboration between the Russian entertainment giant Big Fun and VEDA Real Estate.

The founder of Big Fun also provided a sneak peek of what visitors can expect at the new Big Fun museum. This attraction will feature three immersive experiences. The “Fairytale Forest” invites guests to navigate a captivating maze filled with mythical creatures and magnificent birds, guided by a mystical deer to find the maze’s exit. The enchanted setting includes a lake, a hut, and a tree adorned with vibrant blossoms. A snow-covered forest inhabited by polar bears adds to the enchantment.

The second exciting experience, the “Museum of Emotions,” allows visitors to explore a range of emotions, from happiness to sadness, and from fear to anger – the very emotions often associated with life’s most intense moments.

In the third adventure, the “Museum of Illusions,” visitors can enjoy a collection of hand-drawn three-dimensional artworks created by renowned artists. They can also marvel at the magic of Riyadh under the starry night sky, seemingly from the palm of King Kong’s colossal hand. A snow-covered forest inhabited by a mystical owl awaits exploration, and a dive into the depths of an awe-inspiring sea sets the stage for experiencing captivating three-dimensional illusions, perfect for capturing stunning photographs.

The grand opening of the Big Fun museum is scheduled for November 2, 2023, inviting families and friends to embark on an exhilarating adventure of a lifetime.

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