Two Pakistani Girls Arrested for Harassing Boys in Jeddah

pakistani girls
pakistani girls

Two Pakistani Girls Arrested

Saudi official authorities have arrested two Pakistani girls in a harassment case. The case was based on a viral video on social media. In the video, the inappropriate behaviour towards the pedestrian walking on the side.

The law for these kind of inappropriate behaviour is really strict in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In some cases, people have been charged more than SAR 100,000 with 5-10 jail time. However, at this time, nothing has been announced by authorities. The female in the video published on social media and her companion were caught near Madina City.

In a later video, they apologised for their behaviour and mentioned that there was no intention to offend anyone. The video was made as a joke but there were unaware of the consequences.

The officials also have a choice to give them a chance and let them go. However, it is difficult to say anything at this stage. As this case is not ordinary, female harassment by men is always treated strictly. Such cases were not seen in the history of the Kingdom before.

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