New Saudi Visit Visa at Consulate for All Countries

saudi tourist visa
saudi tourist visa

New Saudi Visit Visa

New Saudi Visit Visa. The Saudi eVisa was announced earlier this month and been introduced on 27th September 2019. More information on eVisa can be found here. However, the Saudi Tourism Visa is open for everyone now. The conditions of applying the Saudi Visa varies a bit. All other countries who are not eligible for eVisa will need to apply at consulate or embassy. So what is so different about it?


Firstly, a minimum age of 18 years to apply for the visa. Underage visitors must be accompanied by Guardians.

Passport Validity

Secondly, the passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the time of arrival to the Kingdom.

Overstay Fine

Overstay Fees: SAR 100 for each day.

Religion of Applicants

Thirdly, religion is not relevant which means non-muslims are welcome to Kingdom.

Sponsor Requirement

Sponsor is not required for the visa application.

Accommodation and Employment in Home Country

  • Proof of accommodation with a return ticket.
  • Proof of employment in the country you are living in.

Bank Statement

Bank Statement: 3 – 6 months to show a stable account.

Passport and Identification

Identification: Passport and any IDs.

Proof of Address

Finally, home address or proof of home address. Usually, this is a tenancy agreement, utility bills, etc.

Visa Checking

Visa checks are conducted before boarding the flight to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In conclusion, everyone is welcome in the Kingdom. Similarly, to explore the Kingdom.

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  3. Can a tourist bring along one brother of her if she is a woman?

  4. Any information about visa Fee?

  5. I am Bangladeshi and an employee in Saudi Arab private compan, i want to bring my family from Banglades, for which visa should apply sponsor or tourist? If my family come by tourist visa, can we live together for 3 months? Sponsor visa rate how much, could you explain me the details please by which visa is easier to bring my family.

    Appreciate for your response


    1. Hi,

      Apply family visit visa. They can live with you for up to 3 months.

      1. please send me whatsapp no my whatsapp no 00966597277885

  6. Someone who have been living in Saudi Arabia can he bring his girlfriend on visit visa ?

  7. Dear Admin,

    Can I invite my Brother in law with my in wife’s parents on family visit. If not how can I invite all three together.


    1. You can invite your wife’s parents but not a brother in Law.

  8. My iqama profession labour how can I find that family visit visa please anybody explain him

  9. I s srilanken want yo bring my wife and sone what required whst is the fee

  10. Hello sir m now saudia but like vist Visa in Japan

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