Certificates Distribution Ceremony by PHVG

phvg riyadh xpress
phvg riyadh xpress

Pakistan Hajj Volunteers Group (PHVG)

Waqar Naseem Wamiq, Riyadh – Pakistan Hajj Volunteers Group (PHVG) organized a certificates distribution ceremony for the Hajj volunteers. At the Food Palace banquet hall in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

A large number of Hajj volunteers of PHVG, representatives of social and political organizations attended the ceremony. The volunteers then graced by the Pakistani envoy Raja Ali Ejaz as the chief guest.

The ceremony formally started with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Syed Badshah, a senior member of the group. Followed by Naat Rasul-e-Maqbool by Abid Shamoon Chand. While a senior member of PHVG Abrar Tanoli conducted the proceedings of the program.

Ambassador of Pakistan Raja Ali Ejaz

Addressing the ceremony, Ambassador of Pakistan Raja Ali Ejaz said that the Hajj Volunteers Group not only performs services for the sake of Allah but also for the good reputation of Pakistan. He said that last year when I paid Hajj, I saw many Pakistani Hajj volunteers. They all were wearing Pakistani flag printed jackets and hats. It was a pleasant surprise for me because I had previously only heard about this group.

Ambassador Raja Ali Ejaz paid tribute to the volunteers and the group administration. He announced the patronage and assured his full support. For the group by providing school halls in various cities of KSA for the training of volunteers.

Earlier, Abrar Tanoli, a senior member of PHVG presented last year’s performance report of the Hajj Group, which revealed that more than 2,000 volunteers participated in the Hajj operation helping 400 thousand pilgrims to reach to their tents, stations, medical centers, and other places.

Tanoli highlighted some further activities of the group. “The volunteers also helped Individuals who were unable to travel due to illness. By carrying them on wheelchairs to haram sharif and helped them to perform tawaaf and prayers”, he mentioned.

Prof. Dr. Zafar Elahi

Speaking on the occasion, the senior PHVG leader, Prof. Dr. Zafar Elahi, addressed the issue of humanitarian service and the importance of Hajj volunteers. He said that we should all strive for the betterment of humanity and performs the duties of serving God’s guests. And that too with the best of abilities. “Our goodness lies in helping others”, Dr. Zafar Elahi said.

Tanveer Ahmed gave a comprehensive presentation on the “Understand Quran” program. In which he said that we should all participate in the Understand Quran program. So that we can read the Quran and understand the commands of Allah and learn how to comply.

In addition, the vote of thanks paid by the coordinator of PHVG, Abdullah Aslam Raja. He thanked the Ambassador Raja Ali Ejaz, Community Welfare Attaché Mahmood Latif and all the guests including volunteers and workers of PHVG.

To sum up, PHVG presented a commemorative plaque to Ambassador of Pakistan Raja Ali Ijaz, complimentary certificates were distributed among 250 volunteers and commemorative shields were also given to Principal Air Commodore (R) Naeem Akhtar and Secretary of Pakistan Cultural Group Zafarullah Khan for their cooperation for PHVG, the ceremony concluded on the prayers by Engineer Jalil Hassan.

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