Saudi Arabia Ban BBQ and Shisha in Public Parks

bbq ban in saudi arabia
bbq ban in saudi arabia

Saudi Arabia Ban BBQ and Shisha in Public Parks

Recently Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has applied a ban on BBQ and shisha activities in public parks. The reason for the new law is to avoid any fires or hazards. There will be a fine from the ministry of municipal affairs of SAR100 for first-time offenders. The second time offenders may get a fine of SAR 200 or more.

Shisha and bbq use to be one of the most enjoyed activities for Saudi Citizens and Expatriates living in Saudi Arabia. However, the activity was proven to be harmful.

Unfortunately, family and friends will have to find different activities to replace this one.

Reasons for Accidental Fires in Parks

Most of the accidental fires in the park caused by BBQs are during hot weather or heatwave. The Temperature of Saudi Arabia can be really hot which can lead to fires. As per the research of Royal Parks UK, “Dry Grass is like Tinder in Heat Wave”. Fires are often started because of the careless attitude of people. Starting a BBQ near a Tree or large bushes can cause these fires.

Shisha is also one of the reasons for these fires. As it uses coals and with the wind, it can cause an accidental fire. Families have risked their children playing around this hazard in the past. However, with the discussions and research, it will reduce the risks.

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