Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is now 2nd Best Investment Country

saudi arabia 2nd best investment country
saudi arabia 2nd best investment country

Best Investment Country

The Spectators Index released its new update. Where the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has locked the 2nd position as the best investment country. According to the World Bank, the top four factors which motivate business to invest in a country are:

  • Marketplace to reach the new consumers – Stability and Vision for Businesses
  • Ways to Reduce Production cost by Efficiency
  • Strategy Assets i.e. Branding, distribution channels, and Technology availability.
  • Last but not lease natural resources i.e. oil, gas, etc.

How Investment Country is selected?

Above all, the list of best countries to invest is based on nearly 7000 business decision-makers. In addition, these business decision-makers ranked countries with the help of 8 key features. Lastly, here is a list of 8 features:

  • Firstly, Corruption
  • Secondly, Economic Stability
  • Thirdly, Entrepreneurship
  • Dynamic Environment
  • Tax Environment
  • Innovation
  • Skilled Labor Availability
  • Lastly, Technology Expertise

List of Best Countries to invest in 2019-2020

Firstly, the best countries can change every year. Secondly, the investment destination can also be removed in the case of a change in the countries. Thirdly, the factors that affect these situations can be the political or financial situation. Finally, here is a list of the best Countries as per the global survey:

  1. Uruguay
  2. Saudi Arabia
  3. Costa Rica
  4. Luxembourg
  5. India
  6. Poland
  7. Qatar
  8. Vietnam
  9. Slovenia
  10. Chile
  11. NewZealand
  12. Latvia
  13. Malaysia
  14. Singapore
  15. Denmark
  16. Russia
  17. Lithuania
  18. Indonesia
  19. Italy
  20. Lastly, Brazil

To sum up, the information was published on US News. The Spectator Index 8th November 2019 and Lovin Saudi.

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