First Saudi Women Driver Reema Jafali Participated in the Formula E Grand Prix

reema formula e prix riyadh xpress
reema formula e prix riyadh xpress

First Saudi Women Driver Reema Jafali

First Saudi women driver Reema Jafali participated in the Formula E Grand Prix Championship Race. In the suburb of Riyadh, earning the honour of being the first Saudi racer woman.

The Formula Race will starts on Friday and Saturday, with 12 teams participating. All vehicles involved in the race are environmentally friendly.

Born in Jeddah, 27-year-old Rema Jafali has previously attended Formula Race Season 4 in the UK.

Rema Jafali involved in the first round of the inaugural race championship with Jaguar I-PACE. A special vehicle designed for the race.

Reema said she is excited to be competing with I-PACE, for which she is passionate. The formula is a prominent driver in Season 6.

On this UNESCO World Heritage Site racing track. Rema Jafali completed her lap one minute in 39 seconds. This time by 5 seconds difference from the driver of the pool position.

She added that. For many, I am surprised to see them join the race but I am happy to see such people.

Reema has only one year of professional racing experience. But she is passionately fond of fast cars and grew up watching Formula One.

Before the race. She said “I am excited. I never thought this day would come sooner or at least I didn’t know it was coming sooner than expected.”

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