Cigarette Packs without Tax Stamps Will be Banned in Saudi Arabia

cigg pack riyadh xpress
cigg pack riyadh xpress

Cigarette Packs Saudi Arabia

Cigarette Packs Saudi Arabia – As of 18th November 2019, the General Authority of Zakat and Tax activate new rules on Cigarette stamps. GAZT announced today that there is a ban on circulation and sale of cigarette packs without tax stamps. The rule announced on 17th November 2019 on Sunday. However, the rule will activate tomorrow as there will be no time given for the above.

In addition, General Authority of Zakat and Tax (GAZT) mentioned that “This decision is based on the provisions of the Executive Regulations of the Selective Tax Law related to tax stamps within the sphere of the Unified Agreement on Selective Tax for the GCC States.”

How to verify the tax stamp?

The Tax stamp on the cigarette pack includes physical labels or symbols defined as “Distinctive Mark”. The symbol is an encrypted digital data on products and electronically activated. Above all, the consumers can check the validity of these tax marks via an app. The smartphone app called Tahaqqat which means Verify. Users can scan the barcode which in return will show the authenticity of the tax stamp.

Report illegal products

Any Cigarette packs without this tax stamp considered the illegal products. GAZT urges on reporting these illegal products via call center 19993 or the Tahaqqaq app. Alternatively, consumers can report the products via the website.

The implementation of the tax stamps is on all tobacco products. It will include Shisa and later it will extended to soft drinks and energy drinks. All of the products are subject to selective tax in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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