9 Brilliant Restaurants Opening Soon In Riyadh

9 Brilliant Restaurants Opening Soon In Riyadh » This is
9 Brilliant Restaurants Opening Soon In Riyadh » This is

Restaurants opening soon in Riyadh; Our city is about to welcome some incredible new dining spots, each offering something unique and delicious. Here’s a sneak peek at the 9 awesome restaurants coming your way and opening soon in Riyadh!

Restaurants opening soon in Riyadh

1. Tashas Cafe

Location: KAFD

Tashas Cafe, known for its chic ambiance and delectable menu, is finally making its debut in Riyadh’s King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD). Expect a cozy yet sophisticated setting perfect for brunches, lunches, and everything in between.

2. Zuma

Location: KAFD

Zuma, the internationally acclaimed Japanese izakaya-style restaurant, is set to open its doors in KAFD. Renowned for its contemporary Japanese cuisine, Zuma will offer a dining experience that’s both stylish and unforgettable.

3. Juno

Location: Laysen Valley

For those who appreciate Italian cuisine with a modern twist, Juno in Laysen Valley is the place to be. This restaurant promises a delightful journey through Italy with its innovative dishes and elegant atmosphere.

4. Switch

Location: Al Mohammadiyah, Prince Turki Al Awwal Road

Switch, a trendy restaurant from Dubai, is bringing its vibrant energy to Riyadh. Located on Prince Turki Al Awwal Road, Switch is the perfect place to enjoy a dynamic dining experience with friends and family.

5. The Parrot

Location: KAFD

Le Perroquet restaurant is set to charm Riyadh’s diners with its French-Mediterranean cuisine. Situated in KAFD, this restaurant promises a luxurious dining experience with a menu that fuses traditional and contemporary flavors.

6. Public

Location: Sulimaniyah

Public Restaurant is gearing up to become the go-to spot in Sulimaniyah for those who enjoy a lively atmosphere paired with great food. Stay tuned for the restaurant opening in Riyadh for a mix of international dishes and a vibrant social scene.

7. Gina

Location: Solitaire

Gina is another exciting addition to Riyadh’s culinary scene, offering a diverse menu that caters to all tastes. This new spot in Solitaire is set to be a hit with its innovative dishes and stylish decor. The lobster pasta is a must!

8. Olive Garden

Location: The Zone

The beloved American-Italian restaurant, Olive Garden, is finally opening in The Zone in Riyadh. Famous for its endless breadsticks and hearty pasta dishes, Olive Garden is sure to become a family favorite.

9. Apple Butter Cafe

Location: KAFD

Apple Butter Cafe will soon open in KAFD in Riyadh, offering a cozy and inviting space for coffee lovers and casual diners. With its delightful pastries and aromatic coffees, it’s bound to become a popular hangout spot.

Stay tuned for the grand openings of these fantastic new restaurants in Riyadh and get ready to indulge in some of the best food Riyadh has to offer!

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