7 Top Foreign/Expat Nationalities in Saudi Arabia

expats in saudi arabia
expats in saudi arabia

Expats in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is home to many foreign nationalities and ethnic groups. Foreigners have stayed in the Kingdom for many years and generations. Expatriates living in Saudi Arabia are also well-aware that KSA never offers Nationality to expats. But living in Saudi Arabia itself is a luxury life and many people prefer living here. In total, Expatriates shares more than 30% of the total population of Saudi Arabia. Here is a list of all other nationalities living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  1. Syrians
  2. Indians
  3. Pakistani
  4. Egyptian
  5. Yemeni
  6. Bangladeshi
  7. Filipino



Firstly, with 23.7 % of the expatriates in the Kingdom are Syrians. Secondly, With over 2.48M Syrians, they also offered special statuses on their Iqama (National ID) because of the condition in their country. Thirdly, they don’t count as expats in the organization (Muqeem System).


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