Transfer of Dependents Sponsorship online for Expats

Transfer of sponsorship
Transfer of sponsorship

Transfer of Dependents Sponsorship online for Expats has been announced by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. This will save huge queues and time for the expatriates living in the Kingdom. The new online or electronic service is only for people who have dependents and they wish to transfer them to private sector establishments. More details below.

Transfer of Dependents Sponsorship online for Expats

The new service will allow transfer sitting at home or anywhere with online access. The application will need to submit online for this service. Dependents will need to visit the online Ministry’s portal. Look for a request icon for transferring a dependent and choose the profession. Once this request has submitted as an application online, the status will appear for pending approval of the guardian. Guardian meaning the primary person who is a currently responsible person, in most cases parent or spouse.

The guardian can approve or reject the option of transfer via Absher Portal. They will need to enter dependent details on the National Access service. In case of approval by Guardian, MOI will approach Jawazat within 14 days to complete the process. Here is a checklist of what things you will require.

  • Fees should be paid via online means, this bank or card should be on the dependent name.
  • ID Number of the dependent.
  • The dependent should be 18 years of age or above for transfer.
  • Valid Iqama or Residence Permit should be available.
  • Should not be of any nationalities where the transfer of sponsorship is banned.
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