Saudi Taxi Drivers to replace Expat Drivers

Saudi Taxi Drivers
Saudi Taxi Drivers

Saudi Arabia’s Transport Department started a campaign to recruit Saudi Taxi Drivers. The aim is to recruit 20,000 Saudi Drivers. So they can replace expatriates working for Careem, Uber and other taxi services.

Public Transport Authority told Arab News about the saudization in Taxis. Majed Al-Zahrani talked about the increase in Saudi Taxi Drivers in Saudi Arabia. “The number of Saudis driving taxis had risen from 100,000 to more than 600,000 since 2016, and the sector was now ready for Saudization.” In the past, these jobs mostly done by Expat from Asia or other parts of the Middle East. But with the advancements and companies like Uber and Careem. Locals are also taking an interest in the job because of a good income.

The Taxi Job is also famous among Women. The number of female Saudi Drivers increased massively. Many Women applied for these types of jobs for a better and safe work environment. The Women Number increased because of the ban lifting in June 2018. According to Khaled Al-Ghamdi, “Saudi families constantly request women drivers.” So this shows that families feel much safer travelling with Female Drivers.

However, it is bad news for expat workers as it may affect them and they might lose their jobs.

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  1. God help us with Saudi drivers! The experience I had is the cars are dirty, inside of course, the driving is crazy, and as a passenger you cannot leave them for a second out of your sight. They need to be educated a lot. Hopefully Metro will soon be open so many lifes can be saved!

  2. Good because it will totally decrease expats drivers who are abusive…

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