Saudi Scholars Council “Friday Prayer forbidden for Coronavirus positive cases”

Saudi Scholars Council Friday Prayer forbidden for Coronavirus positive cases

Saudi Scholars Council said, “Friday Prayer forbidden for Coronavirus positive cases or in other words infected individuals.” The ruling was issued to avoid any Coronavirus outbreak. The Senior Scholars issued this ruling and it is reported by the Saudi Press Agency and several other sources. More details below.

Saudi Scholars Council “Friday Prayer forbidden for Coronavirus positive cases”

The session of Senior Scholars Council held on Wednesday 11th March 2020. The issues were discussed which are related to the current outbreak of Coronavirus and prayers at mosques. The Council Members also said that person shall perform prayers in their place of Quarantine or home in case they are infected. Also, they mentioned praying Duhr Prayer with four Raka’h in these cases.

The 24th extraordinary session of the council was held here on Wednesday to discuss the issue of whether it is permissible or not the non-attendance of Friday prayer and congregation prayers at mosques in a case of spread of epidemic or fear of its spread, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

Saudi Gazette, 2020

“If a person does not attend Friday prayers in the above circumstances, he has to perform afternoon Dhuhr prayer with four Raka’h.”

Saudi Gazette, 2020
Riyadh Xpress

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