Sandstorm wraps Riyadh ‘s Skyline with dust & expected Rain

riyadh sandstorm
riyadh sandstorm

Riyadh Sandstorm

Sandstorm wraps Riyadh ‘s Skyline with dust & expected Rain. It can be seen from Al Arid Area. The blue skies turn to brown. It is advised to motorists to drive slowly, exercise restraint, car vipers and use headlight. Residents of Riyadh must avoid going to picnic spots in sands in case of blinding sandstorms.

Riyadh Season Events

  • Riyadh Sahara closed today due to weather.

Weather Update – Riyadh

  • High: 23°C
  • Low: 13°C

What is Sandstorm?

A sandstorm, additionally called dust storm, is a meteorological marvel normal in dry and semi-parched areas. Residue storms emerge when a blast front or other solid breeze blows free sand and soil from a dry surface. Fine particles are transported by saltation and suspension, a procedure that moves soil from one spot and stores it in another.

Sandstorms in Riyadh

It is not a new story of a sandstorm hits Riyadh. Throughout the year sandstorm comes without an invitation. Its an advice to the people to stay home and avoid any outing.


  • Do not wash your car.
  • Stay Home.
  • Wear a face dust mask.
  • Drive Slowly.
  • Drive only in an emergency.
  • Do not plan for a picnic and outing.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Close car/home windows.

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