Workers Required in the workplace should not exceed more than 40% – Private Sector Work

private sector work riyadh xpress
private sector work riyadh xpress

Private Sector Work Suspended

Private Sector work from home for 15 days implemented. But here you need to know everything.

Out of the determined efforts exerted by the government of the Kingdom. Facing the repercussions of the new coronavirus & preventing its spread. It’s decided to suspend attendance at work headquarters in all entities in the private sector. And that is for a period of 15 days. And, to activate remote working procedures expect for vital sectors & infrastructure sectors including (electricity, water & communication). The Ministry of Human Resources & Social Development adhere to the following;


Suspending employees from the main offices of the private sector for a period of 15 Days.


Private Sector work from home for 15 days implemented

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  1. How about the showrooms of some private business? example home improvement shops is this not included in 16 days lock down. because the problem is more customer are coming to shops even there is lock down during night time..

  2. Same to me i work in a company that not fallow the the rules about the cove-19 like the 15 days lock down for private companies my hrs duty is 8-4,pm and even Saturday have work… Before we have 2 days dayoff now only 1 day… Also this situation not fallow the rules to suspension for 15 days.

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