Penalties on shoppers and workers for violations in Saudi Arabia

Penalties on shoppers and workers for violations in Saudi Arabia
Penalties on shoppers and workers for violations in Saudi Arabia

Penalties on shoppers and workers for violations in Saudi Arabia. The latest statement released by the Jawazat explains the social distancing violations penalty in the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia is taking the rules and health advice by experts seriously, and it will help save many lives. Full details below.

Penalties on shoppers and workers for violations

The Ministry has confirmed that ease of lockdown is a careful return to normality. It is vital that everyone follow the measure as not adhering to measures can cause penalties or fines. This is valid for shoppers or workers inside or outside a commercial store. Here are more details.

  • The first time violations of breaking the number of people allowed in the shop are SAR 5,000 for each individual shopper. The penalty for establishment in charge can go up to 100,000 but not to exceed from 100,000.
  • The second time violation will increase by SAR 5,000 for each individual exceeding the number of allowed people in the store. This means instead of SAR 5,000, the charge will be SAR 10,000 each person.
  • Third-time violation, the individual shopper or/and establishment involved will be referred to the officials for public prosecution. The penalty for establishment on the third time will also be doubled.
  • If the facility is affiliated with the private sector, and the violation is repeated for the first time, it will be closed for a period of three months.
  • In the event that it is repeated for the second time, the facility or store will be closed for six months.
  • If the violator is a resident with Iqama in the Kingdom, then the individual will be expelled from the Kingdom. And entry into it is strictly prohibited after the penalty imposed against an individual.

Everyone urged to report any violation to authority with the place of its occurrence The toll-free number (999) in all regions of the Kingdom, with the exception of the Makkah region, so to report the violation in Makkah the number (911).

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