Pakistani Citizens who wish to go back to Pakistan can fill the form from Pakistan Embassy

pakistani citizens riyadh xpress
pakistani citizens riyadh xpress

Pakistani Citizens who wish to go back to Pakistan can fill the form from the Pakistan Embassy. Pakistan Embassy in Riyadh collecting Information Sheet for Repatriation of Pakistani Citizens. Form to filled by Pakistani nationals who seek repatriation to Pakistan from Saudi Arabia.

Pakistani nationals in Saudi Arabia who seek repatriation to Pakistan may kindly fill the form in the following link:

Form to fill: Click Here

It is stated that the purpose is only to collect data and no decision has taken yet regarding the resumption of flights to Pakistan. The Embassy will make an announcement on the website and its social media accounts as and when a decision is taken by the Government of Pakistan in this regard.

Message by Embassy

In order to avoid the spread of Corona Virus, the Airline’s operations temporarily suspended by the host government.

Those Pakistani nationals & their families. Who wish to travel Pakistan from Kingdom with visit/work visit/business/final exit visas are going to expire on or before 15 June 2020.

They are requested to upload their information on the below-mentioned link so that the Pakistan Embassy in Riyadh may take efforts.

The embassy will coordinate with concerned departments for their early repatriation to Pakistan. Note: Those Pakistani nationals with expired Iqamas or Haroob should not fill this form.

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Finally, follow Riyadh Xpress’s:

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