Office or Workplace protocols in Saudi Arabia

workplace attendance riyadh xpress
workplace attendance riyadh xpress

Office or Workplace Protocols are more important for employers to provide a safe environment for employees. The Ministry of Health has published a guide to protect employees, businesses and employers. As one case or spread in a small number can disrupt the whole office. Many businesses has faced the challenge of closing down office or buildings in case of any spread. Details below.

Before entering the workplace – Office or Workplace protocols in Saudi Arabia

  • Not to allow employees at risk of injury (under vulnerable category) to come to work, and obligate them to work from home.
  • In the event that there are auditors on the authority, you must adhere to wearing medical or cloth masks or what covers the nose and mouth for all auditors and enter a certain number at the same time according to the area allocated to the auditors (references per 10 square meters), as well as make a safe distance to sit between the auditors.

Mobility for work

  • The commitment of all employees to the social spacing while awaiting transportation to the site.
  • Distribution of employees in vehicles and not allowing their sharing (i.e. vehicle allocation).
  • Follow the social and transport sector protocols.

At the workplace

  • Do not shake hands.
  • Reorganizing the office space, ensuring physical distance between employees, and using breaks where possible.
  • Use separate gates for staff entry and exit if possible.
  • Measuring the staff temperature and not allowing any person whose temperature exceeds [38 ° C] to enter.
  • Apply the “flexible working hours” policy to all employees (ex: start time between 07:30 and 09:30) if possible.
  • Use floor stickers to indicate the safe distance to be left between people in queues at the entrances and exits.
  • All employees must wear face masks when entering the workplace and must ensure that they are used throughout their time in the public areas of the headquarters.
  • Preventing the move between the different work areas in the office without disinfection.
  • Clean and disinfection of all vital areas, surfaces and common tools thoroughly and repeatedly, according to a clear schedule and in full view (at least once a day).
  • Reducing the workspace capacity and reorganizing it accordingly (the distance between each employee to the other one and a half meters).
  • Dependence on digital meetings as much as possible, and in the event of a need for urban meetings, it is necessary to restrict the distance between people (one and a half meters).
  • Use paper or personal cups for drinks.
  • Use stairs intended for disembarkation and other stairs intended for climbing, if possible.

public places

  • Enforce physical spacing using floor stickers and separators.
  • Opening communal eating and rest halls, and applying social and restaurant protocols.
  • Rationing work in child incubators in government facilities with an emphasis on physical distance and reducing the number of nursery attendees.
  • Praying on a personal carpet and wearing medical or cloth masks or whatever covers the nose and mouth during congregational prayer, while keeping a distance between the worshipers.
  • Allocate an isolation room in the building.
  • Cleansing public places after each use.


  • Inform the relevant authorities if a staff member’s temperature is above [38 ° C] and refer the employee to a health care facility (according to the instructions of the relevant authorities)
  • In the event of a positive infection with Covid-19 disease, 937 should be contacted, and details of the contact isolation are left to the Ministry of Health and its protocols.

Awareness and enforcement

  • Educating employees to conduct a self-assessment of health risks by applying a “date” submitted by the Ministry of Health to those who show any symptoms or suspicion.
  • Encourage employees to use stairs and reduce the use of elevators, wherever possible.
    Place clear signs at entrances and public places that clarify preventive protocols for employees, and include points and parking areas.


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