Noor of Riyadh, a unique art event in the capital city for 17 days

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Noor of Riyadh, a unique art event in the capital city. The “noor of Riyadh” celebration will be launched from March 18 to April 3, and will last for 17 days, including a display of interactive artworks that rely on lighting in multiple locations in Riyadh, with the participation of major artists in the field of lighting arts, from more than 20 countries. Around the world, 40% of them are Saudi artists.

Noor of Riyadh, a unique art event in the capital city for 17 days

This celebration is the first event of the “Riyadh Art” program, one of the four major Riyadh projects, launched by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz, on March 19, 2019, at the initiative of the Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Royal Commission for Riyadh Prince Muhammad bin Salman. , With the aim of transforming the city of Riyadh into an open art gallery that blends tradition with contemporary.

The celebration of “The Noor of Riyadh” includes 60 artworks that include all forms of light arts, including historical, engineering, and light works, sculptures, lighting shows, interactive performances, kinetic pieces, outdoor installations and works, and a number of forms of light art.

Residents and visitors of the city of Riyadh can enjoy It is closely located in various parts of the city, with two main centers designated for the celebration in each of the KAFD and the King Abdulaziz Historical Center in Al Murabba.

Under the guidance of Crown Prince

Under the guidance of the Crown Prince, “Noor Al Riyadh” will be held within the celebration of “Noor Al Riyadh”, which is the largest group art exhibition that monitors the artistic movement in the lighting arts since the 1960s until today.

The museum receives its visitors at the conference center at the King Abdullah Financial District from March 18 until June 12, 2021, and is distinguished by its comparability to museums in the quality of its displays that use light, and it is divided into four wings, which are: the light perception pavilion, the light experiment pavilion, the light reflection pavilion, and the environment pavilion Light, as the visitor moves inside the exhibition amid rays of light that separate the works of a group of artists from multiple regions around the world during different stages of time.

The exhibition is accompanied by a number of workshops, discussion sessions, tours, presentations, volunteer programs, cinematic and musical events, and recreational and educational activities suitable for all family members.

The Minister of Culture

The Minister of Culture, a member of the Board of Directors of the Royal Commission for the City of Riyadh and Chairman of the Steering Committee of the “Riyadh Art” program, Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan, said in a statement to him on this occasion that the program comes within the framework of the Crown Prince’s keenness to elevate the city of Riyadh to the position it deserves among the capitals of the world It aims to improve the quality of life in the city in line with the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, and to enhance the cultural and artistic aspects in the city, by transforming the city of Riyadh into an open art gallery that mixes tradition and contemporary, through 12 artistic initiatives that include the implementation of more than 1000 works.

An artistic landmark created by local and international artists in front of the audience in various parts of Riyadh; To form this program, which is one of the largest public space art projects in the world.


And he indicated that the “Noor Al Riyadh” celebration, which is being held in Riyadh for the first time this year under the slogan “Under One Sky”, is the first of (Riyadh Art) programs, and seeks to enhance community interaction, spread the manifestations of art and beauty in the city of Riyadh, and enrich the daily life of its residents and visitors. By promoting art in public spaces, promoting the local art movement, and encouraging more creativity and innovation.

A group of artists will participate in the “Noor Al Riyadh celebration,” the most prominent of whom are Saudi artists: Ahmed Mater, Lulwa Al-Hamoud, Ayman Zidani, Rashed Al-Shaashaei, and Maha Mallouh.

As for international artists, notable among them are: Daniel Burin, Carsten Holler, Ilya Kabakov, Emilia Kabakov, Yayoi Kusuma and Dan Flavin.

The program can be found on its website:

Major Locations

  • King Abdulaziz Historical Center
  • KAFD
  • King Fahad National Library
  • Wadi Hanifa
  • Wadi Namar
  • RDC – Digital City
  • Palace of Al Mossamak
  • Kingdom Tower

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