New executive members appointed for Karnataka NRI Forum, Jeddah

Karnataka NRI Forum
Karnataka NRI Forum

Karnataka NRI Forum

Jeddah — Mohammed Mansour and Peter Ronald Mascarenhas were elected unanimously as President and General Secretary at the 14th annual general body meeting of the Karnataka Non-Resident Indian (KNRI) Forum, Jeddah, held at The Village Restaurant on March 25, 2022.

In the second part of the event, Shaikh Saoud and Dr. Ashfaque Maniyar conducted the election to elect the new executive committee. They inducted 15 new members to the executive committee from different parts of Karnataka to bring new life and energy into the Forum, the new members are Duraiswamy, Hanief Mohammed, Denis Noronha, Mohammed Ismail, Louis D’Souza, Sudhir Somshekhar, Clinton Crasta, Siraj Gangolli, Nagesh H.K., Rafiq Ahmed, Jerry Gomes, Suhail Malik, Mohammed Imran, Hafiz K Gangolli, and Liyaqat A.R. Belvai representing the different districts of Karnataka.

The new team under Mansour and Peter are Vice Presidents Rajesh Kumar, Mohammed Arifullah, and Nasir Khurshid, Joint Secretaries Jalal Baig and Mahboob Ali Khan, Treasurer Habeeur Rahman, Joint Treasurer Mohammed Ismail, Chief Coordinators of programs Shaikh Soud, Cultural Secretary, Sabu Chandran, Joint Cultural Secretary, Mohammed Kaleem, Sports Secretary Clinton Crasta, Press Secretary, Mukarram Khan, and Nazir Ahmed as Internal Auditor. The other existing members, Dr. Ashfaque Maniyar, Shadab Desai, Mohammed Saheb Belvai, and Faizee Abdul Razzak Shaikh have been very active in the Executive Committee in the past year were continued.

Mohammed Mansour expressed his happiness and gratitude for being re-elected as President. He thanked all the members for showing confidence in him once again and he will continue to put all his efforts with the dedicated support from the new team to take the KNRI Forum, Jeddah to further heights.

The newly elected General Secretary, Peter Ronald, while thanking all for giving him a chance to work as Gen Secretary, called upon the new team to extend their full support and involve actively in fulfilling the vision and mission of the Forum.

The outgoing vice president Dr. Ashfaq Maniyar congratulated the president and the new team. The newly elected Vice Presidents, Syed Nasir Khurshid, Mohammed Arifullah, and Rajesh Kumar thanked all members for electing them as vice presidents.

As a part of the entertainment segment, Mohammed Kaleem and Hidayat Belthangadi sang all-time favorite Kannada patriotic songs, melodious Kannada and Hindi songs.

Earlier, prior to the election, Syed Nasir Khurshid, Vice President, officially announced the start of AGBM and briefed all about the KNRI forum, introduced the guests, and entertained the audience with his jokes and stories while conducting the program as master of ceremony.

Jalal Baig, an ExCom member officially welcomed the life and regular members, sponsors, and guests to the meeting and explained the basic objectives of the forum.

General Secretary Peter Ronald Mascarenhas highlighted the annual report of the forum through a PowerPoint presentation, which featured the aims, objectives, strategic plan, and achievements for the year 2020-2021. He presented detailed information about the forum activities and financial support given as education and medical aid and also to those who are in distress.

Habibur Rahman, the treasurer, presented the financial report through a PowerPoint presentation and highlighted the receipts and payments, income, and expenditures details for the year 2019 – 20 and 2020-2021.

Mansour, in his address prior to his re-election, thanked all the executive members for the tremendous support, he briefed the activities of the KNRI Forum and explained the challenges and great achievements, especially arranging chartered flights in his tenure. He thanked life members, sponsors, and regular members for their generous support for the forum and he also thanked the KNRI team in India including Vasu Manchegowda, Syed Shakeel, Harsha, and especially Dr. Aarthi Krishna, former President of Karnataka NRI Forum, Bangalore for their continuous support back home.

Dr. Ali Baqar Hussaini and Mohammed Ansar President, Jamiyatul Falah attended the event as chief guests, while this event was presided by Mohammed Mansour, Hidayat, who was felicitated during the event for his services to the forum and was presented with a certificate of appreciation.

Dignitaries and guests were presented with flower bouquets as a token of appreciation. Ashfaque Maniyar officially delivered the vote of thanks in this section prior to the election. The program ended with a group photograph of the newly elected executive committee, dinner, and national anthem.

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