MOI announced new fines up to 1 Million and jail time for violating Coronavirus measures

Penalties of up to SAR 10,000 for not meeting MOI requirements

MOI announced new fines up to 1 Million and jail time for violating Coronavirus measures. The fines will cover both locals and Expatriates living in Saudi Arabia. These fines are to make sure that order is maintained and no one breaks the law. Below are all the fines and jail time on the individual violation or not following measures.

MOI announced new fines up to 1 Million and jail time for violating Coronavirus measures

  • Fine between SAR1,000 – 100,000 or jail time for one month – a year or either/both. This applied to individuals or the private sector or their employees. Violation of the Coronavirus related measures in place by Government as part of precaution or prevention. Repetition of the violation will double the penalty. If required, the firm will also be closed for a period not exceeding six months.
  • A Fine between SAR 10,000-100,000 or jail time for one month-one year or either/both for misuse of the permit or movement letter granted during lockdown or curfew. Permission and permit will be also withdrawn.
  • Maximum of a 2-year jail term or a maximum fine of SAR 200,000 or either/both for violation of medical isolation or quarantine instruction. Violation to be double in case of a repeat.
  • A Maximum of 5-year jail or SAR 500,000 or either/both for intentionally infecting other with Coronavirus. Violation of Penalty to be double in the event of repetition.
  • Also, Fine between SAR 10,000-100,000 or one month – one year jail time or either/both for people helping others to obtain permission or letter of movement during curfew time. Penalty or violation to be doubled in case of a repeat.

Please see the actual letter from MOI below as it contains more information or clarification. Expatriates will also be deported for breaking any law and banned forever.

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