H.E Raja Ali Ejaz – Conspiracy, Rumors & Reality

he raja ali ejaz xpress riyadh
he raja ali ejaz xpress riyadh

H.E Raja Ali Ejaz

Shiraz Alam, Riyadh – H.E Raja Ali Ejaz is the ambassador of Pakistan to Saudi Arabia. The energetic and most active ambassador of Pakistan who always up to serve the Pakistani community leading from the front.

H.E Raja Ali Ejaz is and has been working for the relief and support of the Pakistani community in Saudi Arabia in this Covid-19 pandemic.

Recently a hoax campaign to defame the Embassy of The Islamic Republic of Pakistan was launched on social media by a group of instigators.


As we all know in this COVID-19 pandemic the health sector is the most affected following by international flights. Even morgues in the hospitals are full with no space. And, international flights are suspended until further notice.

Many relatives of expired patients due to coronavirus contacted the embassy to move the bodies to Morgues & then to Pakistan. In response, the embassy contacted the hospitals. Most of the cases were solved but there were 2 cases in which the morgues were unavailable.

Which took time for the embassy to arrange & finally the embassy found the place and solved those cases also.

Pakistani Community

In response to the campaign, another trend to support the Embassy launched by some members of the community including;

  1. Omair SheikhCommunity Member
  2. Adil SheikhCommunity Member
  3. Waqar Naseem WamiqCommunity Head

As a result of their support, the instigators launched another campaign to demoralize and defame those community members. Targeting the names & organizations that are in support of the Embassy.

The posts shortly took down by the admins as proved to be baseless. Later, apologies from the pages posted by the admins.

We would like to request all the Pakistani community members to stay united in these difficult times, support our establishments and their efforts.

Also, play their part in foiling attempts which can deteriorate the image of the country and the community.

Omair SheikhCommunity Member

As we all know that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is our second home, so we should respect the laws and regulations of the government and act responsibly. We must contribute to the betterment of the situation.

Waqar Naseem WamiqCommunity Head
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