Fireworks on New Year Eve in the Desert

new year eve
new year eve

This event is now cancelled, please click this link for details. For the first time in Riyadh. There will be a new year eve celebration fireworks in the desert. The event will include some exciting shows and activities. These shows include:

  • Fire Show
  • Live DJ
  • ART Work
  • Oud Artists
  • Bonfire
  • Archery (Arrow Shooting)
  • Moon Telescope Experience
  • Fireworks
  • Star Gazing

The event will include inspirational talks by some experts. The event will be an amazing experience as these type of events are not normal in Riyadh.

Food, Snacks and Drinks will be available at the site. However, it is better to take eat something before going to the event.

Location: Malham, Riyadh. Click here for event details

Date and Time: 31st December 2019 – 18:00

Dress Code: Winter Dressing

The event organiser recommends to wear warm clothing. The Deserts can be really cold after evenings. It is also recommended to pack light as you are going to enjoy there.

New Year Eve Firworks are always one of the most awaited event. Many Countries celebrate the event with friends and family. We have seen one of the best New Year Eve Fireworks in Dubai, London, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur and other parts of the World. Saudi Arabia usually do not celebrate these kind of event but with recent changes in the country, we are hoping there will be more similar events for entertainment.

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  1. Im so excited to attend this event

  2. Is there any possibility to issues new tickets at the last moment for the new year eve?

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