His Highness The King Salman Said “The Education in Saudi Arabia, is the necessary base which will help realize the aspirations of our people towards progress & advancements in Science Knowledge.”


TAIF: The Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia has decided, that the expat students can join the schools. They can continue to finish the current academic year even if their Iqama is expired.

The message urgently delivered electronically to all the institutions and departments of education. The message conveyed throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Until the further written paperwork made in a couple of days from today.



The Ministry of Education

Announced that the decision message communicated electronically to the institute/departments of education. So that expat students will not lose any of their remaining studies of the academic year.

The Ministry also asked the departments of the education to forward the admissions of the expat students. Even if their iqamas are expired to committee. And allow them to enrolled and start their studies until the end of the academic year.

Yemeni Students

The Yemeni students staying in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on visit visa. They can take admission and will accepted in the government schools only in a condition where there is no crowd.

Syrian Students

The Syrian student in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can also take admissions. And will accepted even in the private education institutes only in a condition that their current visit visa were renewed.

The news published by the Saudi Gazette in their social media and website which bring them happiness and appreciation by the people for the step taken by the Ministry of Education.

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