DJ Uk – Saudi Arabia’s very Own First Certified DJ

dj uk riyadh xpress
dj uk riyadh xpress

DJ UK of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Saudi born Pakistani Usama Khan is also known as the DJ UK becomes the only certified DJCAA (Disc Jockey Certification Association of America) in the Middle East.

Above all DJ UK is also the only selected Pakistani Dj as a ReverbNation artist in Tomorrowland & has successfully engineered the sound. & stage production of mainstream artists including Asim Azhar, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Raheem Shah & Sheeraz Uppal.

Most importantly, DJ UK has been successfully spreading music throughout the middle east including Saudi Arabia for the last 11 years and having the millions fan base mostly in Saudi Arabia & the middle east.

Besides, his busy scedhule DJ UK expresses his love & views on Saudi Arabia in an exclusive interview with Riyadh Xpress

What Makes DJ UK from the rest?

DJ UK can work on all types of genres including rock, hard rock, soft rock, pop, pop-rock, progressive house, EDM, trance music and blues.

What is Saudi Arabia to DJ UK?

Saudi Arab is the place made me what I am. All my success credit goes to this country.

How do you see Saudi’s Vision 2030?

Vision 2030 made my dream come true. Now I can be what I always wanted to be Running an entertainment company doing event consultation.

Is DJ UK a patriotic Pakistani or a patriotic Pakistani who born and raised in Saudi Arabia?

I am a patriotic Saudi born Pakistani who will not tolerate harm to both countries.

What are the future plans of DJ UK?

I am running an event company called EVzoneKSA. We are a proud part of vision 2030. Our aim is to bring international level entertainment to Saudi Arabia and provide the best of the best.

How do you promote Saudi Arabia?

I am closely working with major authorities and business investors to promote the entertainment and tourism industry of KSA.

How do you see the Saudi Market?

The market is a small word for the business scope in Saudi Arabia. Vision 2030 has brought in billions of dollars as an investment in the entertainment industry & not only the entertainment industry but inbound tourism is a boom right now.

Qiddiya city, neom island Saudi seasons these are some out of the world projects. After 2030 Saudi Arabia will be one of the biggest business hubs in the world.

Do Dj’s have a good future in Saudi Arabia?

10 years ago when I personally started my journey as a DJ and event organizer. We always thought about how and when will we have our future polished. And, got thoughts of moving out to Dubai or Bahrain for business opportunities. Now I have been getting offers from around the world rejecting it because the future is in Saudi Arabia. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has made my dreams come true.

How can people/organizers/company contact you?

They can contact me and work through Instagram:

Website: Instagram: Usama_khan

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