List of CORONAVIRUS Cases around the world and Middle east


This article includes the list and map of CORONAVIRUS Cases around the world and including the Middle east. The deadly virus has been spread all over the world and experts has considered it a global emergency. As per the map, most of the countries are affected by this virus.

Map of CORONAVIRUS Cases Around the world

Source: CNN

List of Country and CORONAVIRUS Cases found

  • Australia – 9 Cases has been confirmed so far and 600 Australian Nationals will be quarantined after negotiations.
  • Cambodia – Only 1 case found and the person is 60-year-old Chinese Male.
  • Canada – 3 Cases found by experts, two in Ontario and 1 in British Columbia.
  • China Mainland – 9,658
  • Finland – 1 Case Found
  • France – 6 Cases Found
  • Germany – 4 Cases including a German Male in Landsberg. But the person never went to China. However, he attended a meeting with the Chinese Official.
  • Hong Kong – 12 Cases found in the neighbouring country of China.
  • India – 1 Case found in a student studying at Wuhan University and background from Kerala
  • Italy – 2 Cases
  • Japan – 14 Cases
  • Macao – 7 Cases at least
  • Malaysia – 8 Cases so far
  • Nepal – 1 Case
  • The Philippines – 1 Case
  • Singapore – 13 Cases
  • South Korea – 13 Cases
  • South Korea – 7 Cases
  • Srilanka – 1 Case
  • Taiwan – 9 Cases
  • Thailand – 14 Cases
  • United Arab Emirates – 4 cases found within a single Chinese family from Wuhan.
  • The United States of America – at least 6 cases
  • Vietnam – 5 Cases

Total Cases confirmed so far 9,776. It is recommended to follow guidelines by health and safety experts. Read our article for some general precaution tips.

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