A terrible incident in Al Ahsa where 4 girls and brother were killed

terrible incident al ahsa xpress riyadh
terrible incident al ahsa xpress riyadh

A terrible incident in Al Ahsa where 4 girls and their brother were killed by the knife attack. And their brother was hanged next to them on the roof of their house in Al-Shu’bah village in Al-Ahsa, last Wednesday evening. Details below.

A terrible incident of Al Ahsa where 4 girls and brother were killed

In the details, the assistant media spokesman for the Eastern Province Police, Captain Mohammed Al-Dreham. He stated that the security authorities in Al-Ahsa Governorate had begun reporting on the death of a young man and four girls from one family, in their house in the village of the division (between the ages of 14 and 19 years). On Wednesday evening, 15/07/2020, after their father found them, and they passed away, on criminal suspicion. And the formal procedures have been completed to investigate the case and reveal its circumstances.

Ja`far al-Khalifa, one of the victims’ neighbors, told The father and mother tried to enter the house on the evening of yesterday, Wednesday, but they found it closed. Immediately, the security forces present to find the details of the case.

He also added: “The Al-Faraj family lost four daughters who are Ghafran, Zainab, Nineveh, and Benin, who are less than 14 years old, in addition to their brother Muayyad.”

Sources say that that forensic investigation did not notice any severe beating effects on the bodies of the victims. And the blood was in one location on the roof of the house, which indicates that the bodies were not moved from one location to another. As the bodies were close in an indication that none of the victims tried to escape from the site.

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