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yamal alsham 2
yamal alsham 2

Shawarma is one of the most amazing wraps you can eat in the middle east. However, if you like shawarma, you will love these variations of wraps, plates, and sandwiches. Here is a list of things to try, you might be missing out in a big way.

Discovery from Yamal AlSham Shawarma

Discovery was introduced by Yam Al sham as a variation of shawarma. They replace shawarma khubz or bread with soft bread. The soft bread is in the shape of baguette and it tastes amazing. The Discovery shawarma is available in chicken and meat. Both the options are great but meat is our favorite due to tenderness and taste.

Usually, the customer has the option to select salad and chips. It is recommended to not add many things on beef discovery as it will ruin the taste. You will not be able to enjoy the real taste of meat if you add many sides.

  • Price: SAR 10 for Chicken, Extra money for Meat.

5 SAR Mixed Wrap – 4 Choices

Another great offering from Yamal Alsham is a mixed wrap. You can choose your own 4 items from liver, falafel, chicken, eggs and more. It is one of the most amazing sandwiches you can have in Riyadh. The Sandwich is usually best for lunch and one sandwich is enough for one individual.

  • Price: SAR 05.

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